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Below is a list of our BBBEE services

Products & Services

BEE Consulting and BEE strategy Development
We provide advice to companies and the public sector on how to improve BEE compliance and maximise BEE points. We also assist companies, government departments and municipalities to develop their overall BEE strategy.

BEE Training
We provide various training interventions to companies and their service providers on BEE and BEE compliance requirements. We also provide training to individual managers in supply chains, skills development facilitators and other practitioners who are interested in enhancing their understanding of BEE. We also do public seminars and one hour awareness is dedicated to suppliers.


We are glad to advise you that we have been appointed by DTI to be a network facilitator for the Black Business Supplier Development Programme (BBSDP). Our role as the network facilitator is to assist applicant companies to access the grant without any payment by the applicant.
Applications to this grant can only be made via an approved network facilitator.

The BBSDP (Black Business Supplier Development Program) is one of many incentive programmes administered by the DTI with a focus on black-owned enterprises. The primary objective of the scheme is to improve the competitiveness of black-owned small enterprises with a view to ensure that they participate effectively in the mainstream economy.

The BBSDP is a cost-sharing grant with a maximum of R1 million per applicant or business. The R800 000 is ring-fenced for the acquisition of tools, machinery and equipment on a 50:50 cost-sharing arrangement. The balance of R200 000 is earmarked for business development services like business strategy development, training, etc. It is therefore a 80:20 cost-sharing arrangement where DTI pays 80% of the total cost of the intervention.

To qualify for the grant an applicant should demonstrate the following:

  1. Company must at least be 51% black-owned
  2. Black management team of at least 50%
  3. Have a minimum and maximum turnover of R250 000 to R35 Million respectively per year
  4. Have one year Financials and two years financial projections
  5. Be registered with SARS and have a valid tax clearance (preferable at least 6 months to expire)
  6. Enterprise to be formally registered for VAT
  7. Must be operating and trading for at least one financial year
  8. At the sole discretion of the DTI, an enterprise that has been operational and registered for less than a year may be considered for this incentive, provided that the enterprise can provide sufficient evidence to service a tender/contract

Let BEEVER help you become BBBEE compliant

Why Be BBBEE Compliant?

Should you wish to render your services to the South African Government, you are required by law to to demonstrate compliance with the Code of Good Practice by submitting a BBBEE certificate.

  1. Tenders, licences or concessions may be withheld for non-compliance.
  2. A compliant company gains competitive advantage over non-compliant companies.
  3. Your company achieves greater compliance when you purchase from suppliers with high compliance levels.
  4. Compliance creates economic opportunities and keeps you abreast of changes in the business landscape.


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